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Is this site for real or website cuz I’ve been getting a lot of bulshit from money money money it puts me into a video they are not the right people to be doing this they are not PayPal for ClickBank did somebody order a hacker or a scammer trying to get my information I will no longer to do surveys they owe me $66,000

Life is weird unusual cruel call crane curling feelings for me human is there any rules do so many fences did we have so we had not opened up a brain to the other nine senses do you owe me very very few of us Chet Hanks have or has all senses of life we all need to be careful and wear our masks it needed but would you people that cannot breathe are allowed to wear if they want to people with c o d p u p or whatever it is bronchitis asthma it makes it hard for us breathe I know because it makes me feel cluster f and I get sweaty and I start getting the hot like I want to pass out I can’t wear imagine then they said make my own glitch up off your face and your nose that way you can have breathing room that you need I see many people walking around with these little paper covering how to see people with homemade mash like myself I’ve got quite a few of them male fit right because I’m making myself the only way to get rid of this coronavirus deal with the government needs I know people out there are upset. I’ve been trying to get help up to you where I live it is hard and difficult because I need the help because I am a pirate I’m a prisoner of my own home with no help from services and community services and resources I’m trying to get my address change down to Phoenix been trying to get ahold of social security on the phone unsuccessful I don’t even know if they’re open but I have to get this done one way or another so I can make my appointment down there in Phoenix where I can get this report in The help do they need so I can stay alive I know it sucks to go down there to Phoenix it is so nice up here in the weather is just fine I’m afraid that if I go down there to the dollar the heat will come that’s why I moved up here because I’ve had heat strokes my boss decided to put me up here I’ve been up there ever since it’s just the past 3 years or 4 years when I got back from Virginia everything just started going downhill my case workers not doing their job my other case worker not doing her job and other places as well black LabCorp lost my blood work I had to go do it again I had no money and no way to get there calling access and telling them that I need to go and get blood but they need the address and phone number to make sure I have an appointment it’s like telling my case for this I need an appointment with them and I have to be there in person with my other behavioral health center down in about is very important that I do this because you don’t open it up more resources down there in the valley where I can get the help to get moved and rent paid and everything else I have a couple of really really good companies down there all I need to do is get transferred and move my stuff I tried I tried wish foundation but that didn’t work I got nothing but now that I have the proof that I am slowly dying I want to get a wish foundation I would like to get my bucket list before I go I don’t know how to explain myself about the feelings of death I can understand it because as a reed died three times on his surgery tables and bought back I’m not afraid to die but I don’t want to die now forever I want to try and stay alive as long as I can is very good to go in my life in my lifestyle I’ve been trying to do online marketing commissions in Austin starting my own little business online a better offer free I’ve been led to certain areas where I can get the help they need it took me eight years to get where I’m at I’m so close to getting my commission to my money for real all I need to do is get my financial stuff situated I am with Lexington law firm financial team they’re helping me get my credit up and get the credit stuff done I also reported with them because they had given me a list of things of but bad credit I don’t remember some of them if I did the only thing that I remember is the one with Wells Fargo however dish when I had called them to I disconnect my services until I can get into a house and I’ll call you back the reset my box well they left it on I owed $80,000 Bangladesh I thought I thought and I thought finally they realize that they had screwedbecause everything that is done is recorded voice for quality purposes and insurance I won the case however I had gotten a couple of emails from dish they want me to be a representative to help self unlock what she can still and I won’t get paid no thank you I’m also working with the supposed to remind it’s been with me for the nine years since I buried first started he’s with the sport percent amcax his name is Michael he’s very good sponsor he stuck with me through the hard to cussing just insane but he cannot believe his eyes when he’s been checking up on me he knows that I’ve done all this myself I didn’t need to watch videos will go through train because I know what I want and now I’ve got it I’ve got my own system now I got my own website now are you eating yet Google ads in Facebook app I’ve been doing a lot of work in the internet and which Weber in WordPress and New York times I know it’s very difficult for me to try and reach all my e-mails but I can’t I have at least five thousand emails a day then I can’t keep up with it I need my team 98mm now and I need my money so I can succeed in have success I want to give my business that I’ve started on the internet with the marketing and other companies when I go I want to give it to my husband that way he can have something to remember me by she will not have to look the finger for everything cuz the system will be automated it will do everything by itself with a robot my husband will be set for life when I die God bless you all let’s get rid of that covid-19

My PayPal and PayPal business and PayPal me

To.all.the is wondering how to get me paid for wondering why I’m not getting paid this is my link to pay me all right if you need any other information please contact me the right people know how to contact me all right thank you very much for your patience and my patience pictures of ticks that I had it but anyways I’m almost there to my destination I’m almost there to my success of making my own business for free with the help of 4% Google ads Facebook ads and system Io I’m also a social media communications administrative and also weather WordPress inbox Link box outbox I’m also on YouTube Google ads and Facebook ads also along with other companies as well commissions affiliate and also a ClickBank VIP affiliate I saw your stuff I don’t buy nothing we make money that’s why I’m here for are you

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See every time that I win something this pops up I have a problem with this company they want me to do a silver package which I go in there and I pick out something for free or I pay $1 but yet when I get back results I never get my card and I’ve always gotten money stolen out of my account this company is fake

But with everything going on in the world and everything going on in this little town this grown up to be a population probably 5,000 people in it or more just sitting here at home can you get other stuff gun impact and still yet to receive any phone calls that from these places they’re supposed to be helping me game transportation getting others place in Egypt that you’ve been following me on Facebook and YouTube you can follow me here to the more people that hear this in the more people of different internet websites here about what is going on up here maybe people will start to realize that the are people that need help because if you’re going to come pull up in a brand spanking new 2020 car you can afford to go get your own food go get along cuz that’s for the less fortunate people get real people Bridgeport

Well I’m still sitting here

1:47 p.m. I’m still here at home I am waiting for my daughter to call me I’ve notified my caseworker and let them know the situation that has occurred I’m waiting for my doctor to give me a call so I can be able to have him come here or get me antibiotics that I need so I don’t have to go to the hospital I don’t want to be around a lot of people because I don’t want to catch the Coronavirus I feel sorry for those who caught it and for those who died I will die of complications ammonia and

undefined but I know I’m still alive my body is stubborn is going to do what it’s going to do however I do not want to die I want to live I want to be with my loved ones


I recently found out I’m dying is difficult to sit here send it stink about the Coronavirus because I know will die my weakness is there I’m in pain I’ve been in the hospital and More Hospital I’m going through a lot of body experiences 5 * iPad ammonia sandwich the coronavirus out there now I have to take precautions. I have called my doctor send email to him so I’m waiting for a phone call today what’s going to happen yes my light sucks it’s not going to get better it’s just going to get worse I’m going to have to move down to Phoenix it be with my family down there because they feared the worst up here in northern Arizona if you want you can go over to Facebook look for Christopher Bates Angel page you will see my three-year-old pictures with a heart around it send roses around that one that’s where I am doing my personal biography I don’t hold any punches. I will speak my two cents because I want people to know about my life publisher creditor editor done by Christopher Shawn Bates born in 1976

My experience with change Point outpatient and inpatient mental institution

This is what I’m going to be in if I keep going with change point I’m listening to the workers there I will end up in this box Show Low Arizona

hi my name is Christopher Bates I know that many of you have probably followed me on Facebook or even messenger or Google okay I am here to tell my experience about change Point Hospital in outpatient in in patient okay my past experience that I have gotten into change for you is from 2 years ago I really can’t go into much detail because of 2 years ago but what is recent and May events that have occurred at change Point Hospital I can tell you about because it is the truth and I do not like most workers that work there at change point and the change Point Hospital get mad at me because I speak the truth I’m here today to tell you all my life has been put in danger by change point Hospital Chase burgers and crisis workers my life has been put in danger because one I am a rich person my immune system cannot hold up which other sickness or immunities two I am dying because of North Country Healthcare Clinic in northern Arizona and change point I am I am currently at home I am waiting for a phone call back from Channel 10 News give them my story about being at change point and the hospital up here in northern Arizona people want to know my experience Rick change Point Hospital and staff members from changepoint however most of the stuff can be documented or for homework please do note that this is based on a true story this is not a lie a movie or anywhere else you’ve seen or heard my personal experience with change Point Hospital first time I went in there I was kind of skeptical about what this hospital is and what they do I had recently found out that I have been placed in a viewing room what you called a transition room Harvest and told to strip naked so that they can look at the tattoos and scars on my body I also witnessed a female nurse standing outside the bathroom door looking at me but naked I have matters and reasons of respect for women but when they have none for me I have none for them I was doing pretty good the first time I went in the second time I went in I had told the crisis worker that these meds were not working so they put me on a different kind of nut the second time around I seen this lady named Alex on TV I keep calling her Max I know that she’s there to try and help me okay but they make me sit there and see two other doctors that I had no idea worked with change point for even been at change I’ve seen them all on TV okay I was able to tell them the second reason I was there a change point because the certain medication that they had me on had made me upset and not feel right in a little bit more angrier there is no court or judge around at that time the I’m sitting here thinking how can I get that judges John Hancock wrist pain on a piece of paper that titled me 36 I had the deputies come at my door and knock on my door telling me that I needed to go to change Point Hospital I had no intention of going I did not feel right and I wanted to go to bed they force themselves in my house they put me in handcuffs and threw me in the truck it took me to the hospital to have me checked out to make sure I didn’t have any diseases Orkin track diseases in the change Point Hospital Harvard being up Summit Healthcare Hospital I was disrespected because my phone that put words in my mouth it got me arrested and put in the Holbrook jail I just wish they would have understood my Facebook page and not taking it out of context I would never hurt or insult a medical professional officer due to the fact that I need them because of the current situation with the surgeon that used to work up here is no longer she has been fired for malpractice call Uncle I have recalled mesh inside me the hospital and surgeon up here in northern Arizona will not touch me where I was getting treated with respect from my Hospital John C Lincoln Hospital down in Phoenix I was treated a lot more better and they had better equipment then Summit Healthcare Hospital in Show Low I was sitting at my mom’s house waiting for the results to come back with the x-rays and also I had took him a new Med it my HIV medical personnel had put me on I’ve started to notice the swelling in my throat and mouth I had my mom keep an eye on me through the night and the last couple of days I was down in Phoenix I have recently come up here from down in Phoenix I also have recognized and felt the pain up this medicine swallowing me up I had to take a hose and put it down my throat for an order for me to breathe because I did not trust the hospital in northern Arizona what year Summit Healthcare I had notified my mom and my caseworker about the matter in issue at hand I was told not to take the med anymore and to go see my doctor well my cheeseburger had emailed me back and told me that I am not to go to North Country Health Clinic anymore she told me that I’ve been transferred to the headquarters of Northern Country Healthcare Clinic where I was to meet up with 12 infectious disease doctors because my current situation however later on down the road Irish sitting at mr. Dell Maps office Hillsville exam room at change point outpatient okay I pull out the pill not like yes this is the exact same one that almost killed me last year cuz I’m sitting here holding it in my hand with my change Point K stroker sitting next to me and I kept telling him that I mean you met this one almost killed me I have video of it on Facebook about me taking that pill I ended up in the hospital M at change Point Hospital afterwards because people thought I was going to commit suicide which was false I was just proving a point now that my doctors and everybody is aware of the situation they had me wait for another two weeks instead of immediately put me on other medicine to help me from going full blooded AIDS Northern country health clinic and change Point made me wait for a month I had to comply to their orders which I happened because I’ve been staying I want my meds for 2 years and nobody did nothing about it until now because change point and Northern country Health Clinic because I feel that I’m not get my constitutional rights that I feared that my life is in danger from northern Arizona Show Low at Summit Healthcare Hospital change Point Hospital and change point Behavioral Health Center up here in Show Low I am notified my mom and my legal advisor of the situation they want me down in Phoenix away from change Point Animal Hospital because I’ve been wrongly diagnosed treated like crap and not getting the help that I need I am currently dying but yet they are having me on meds to try and keep me alive


Hi everybody I’m sure to hear breed my published post I do not lie and me are true however I do need your assistance I am trying to do a fundraiser and a helping hand okay I am trying to move down to Phoenix to where my room mother is in where I can get real help I’m doing a fundraiser and a donation for me I really need you guys is help to help me accomplish and achieve my goal I want to accomplish getting a truck and getting everything I own in it okay I also need to get ahold of care directions in Phoenix so I can get situated with a housing coordinator Sergio okay my mom and my family knows that I’m wanting to move down there to get away from Harm’s Way like change point the doctors up here in the hospital Summit Healthcare I do not feel safe up here I feel that my life is being further to threatened by being near or in a hospital in their care I’ve seen multiple caseworker in stock members leaving for lunch and coming back with fast food like drinks in copies it is not right for the patients that are in there to suffer the consequences if one of them pride in the Coronavirus this is a big serious matter up here the government is trying to get us shut down for at least 30 days so I have to act quick I have to get down to Phoenix I would like to have everybody’s help the pitch in and get me to accomplish my goal which is going down to Phoenix and getting better help and situated I fear that my life is coming near because I am not getting the right proper help that I need from northern Arizona

Change Point Hospital with change point and Northern Arizona Show Low new updates

Here’s my daily update I am out of change Point Hospital I’m currently doing a little bit better when I was at the hospital I’ve experienced disruptive ignorant and a lot of a prejudiced from the stock the people that were there as of patients weren’t quite that property. They were drugged up by the mental hospital of change point they couldn’t even stand up the talk for them on stoves however I was able to stand up and stand for what is right for me and the patients at change Point Hospital because of the coronavirus Estep members go in and out from Starbucks McDonald’s Burger King Circle K Maverick never know if they’re going to bring in. Virus because if they touching something or somebody out there in that role kid very rare Lee bring in. Coronavirus rushed to the hospital Estep members don’t care about us all they care about is that check I had found a hair in my jam I had a friend in there that they found a hair in his sandwich I’ve also witnessed somebody pooping on the floor NCA staff member step on it and rub all over the floor okay they closed down the floor they cleaned everything up including the poop of whoever did it I went to my room I sat there and wash them do the entire day room chairs tables Windows floor okay been knew that I cannot breathe around bleach so what did they use bleach I was bitching and hacking and coughing and not breathing well because I wanted to change point to take me outside the bleach smell is that bad I cannot be around bleach it could choke me up I could kill me so they gave me a mask I ended up wearing it where I could not smell the bleach all night long I tossed and turned I was wondering how the other patients for filling it table nauseated by the smell of the bleach because they do not turn on me are the air it out I was more worried about my health and the patients because of the negligence and irresponsibility of change Point Hospital I will get to other details with Summit Healthcare Hospital but that’s going to be later on down the road the main thing is protecting the patients that are in there too cannot stand up for themselves somebody needs to be out here to make sure that change Point Hospital obeys every law that’s including their own well-being it is very vital that change Point workers only go home and come to work no stopping off at coffee shops or Walmart or any of them fast food joints because they never know they could bring in that coronavirus and give it to us patients but not get cannot get out of the hospital or away from it because most of us were ordered into the hospital for not taking meds me I was a little bit different if I don’t like the meds I will let them know so they send six deputies out to my house to drag me out of my own home where I was safe and put my life in danger yes my legal advisor my County public defender and the public defender did change Point Crisis Line support staff member me all agree on one thing I should have never been in that hospital I should have been at home where I am better protect from the disease of Coronavirus due to the fact that I have a severe weak immune system and dying they dragged me out of my own home to put me at a facility with high-risk of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Show Low Arizona

Hi my name is Christopher I’m a very very sick patient okay. Net head not mentally but recently I have been taken out of my house by deputies and took straight to change Point Hospital okay they have broken by elation are we supposed to go to the hospital to get checked out to make sure I did not have the Coronavirus the deputies here in Show Low Arizona have dragged me out of my home put me in the vehicle and took me to change Point Hospital they had no idea or any infection to let them know if I had coronavirus Iris they had put my life in danger by taking me there they also had put everybody else’s life in danger because I did not know if anyone had the Coronavirus or mayhap the Coronavirus I am a dying patient I am to be put on hospice which they did I am dying because I’m full-blooded AIDS because North Country Healthcare in Flagstaff and Care in Show Low the fact that I had put a hose down my throat to save my own life because I did not trust the hospital when the swelling went down in my throat because of a certain medicine I had text my mom and I had text wine white part B program my caseworker nail okay mail mail mail all right I had told her the occurrence of what happened with the medicine she told me why Gina not go to the hospital I told her because I’m afraid of the hospital because they misdiagnosed me and treated me badly she’s like did you tell anybody else has like no so I called North Country Health Clinic to talk to dr. Goodman I told him what happened and then I turned around and told my caseworker who do I sue for almost killing me some of my caseworker from one white part B I gave me to 12 infectious disease doctors in Flagstaff I went to plug stuff one time and I did not like the lady bit had my cakes I wanted her father I wanted somebody better on my case instead of a young girl therefore I ended up with change point I ended up with my phone put me in jail because my phone put words in there I did not say about the hospital I was sitting here on the berry same bed I got in my trailer when I moved in whining and crying for my viral meds they wanted me to wait they had my blood work they made me wait to a day before I turn full blooded AIDS the places up here and the doctors facility with Northern country Health Clinic Summit Healthcare hospital and change Point Animal Hospital had put my life in severe Danger due to the fact that they made me wait and they made me do what they wanted I became full-blooded AIDs that I had to be on meds and they refused to give me I’m still alive now I am getting ready to move down to Phoenix where my real mother is and my legal advisor and lawyers could be waiting for me when I get down there to a better situation and better health issue going on instead of staying up here in dealing with the hospital on Northern country and change point I am to be going to Phoenix Arizona where I can be better protected from people like this I have also called Channel 10 and made them aware of this situation that the staff members and co-workers of that facility is putting the people at life in danger I am here to stand up for those people because they cannot talk for themselves because changepoint has them so drugged up it’s not even funny if you want to talk to me or get any other information I will do my jurnal from change point and mysurvey the let your people know what kind of place but other people are doing with and their negativity the irresponsibility in negligence a change point and Summit Healthcare Hospital

Show Low, AZ – Official Website

Hi my name is Christopher Bates I’m the publisher with the News Press okay I’ve recently been taken out of my home and put in a dangerous situation with change Point Hospital I am now sick because I was not as sick as I was in or out here they had also put other people’s lives at Danger by going up the lunches and dinners bringing back Starbucks coffee cups and Sonic and Burger King and McDonald’s case workers there at change point crisis center and hospital for the northern Arizona hemisphere these people do not care about the patients lives they wish that we were all dead well they might get their wish because I am a patient that is dying because I am full blooded AIDS because they wanted me to wait and comply to the rules has led me to a deadly Road this is their fault because they did not listen to me however I think change Point Hospital and change Point Community Health Services should be shut down completely even though that we were having a coronavirus outbreak gives the no right to take me it is weekly sick immune system really sick and put them in a more dangerous situation like the hospital or even worse Summit Healthcare Hospital these are things that the government needs to look at these are things that the government can change and make approvement please send this article or email over to Doug Ducey the medical professional officer of the State of Arizona please get back with me I still have more impressing and depressing details about change point in their ways this is Christopher Bates straightening them off

But anyways speaking the truth on Facebook and I ended up in a mental hospital for a week I get out and I can’t get to my followers or my bands on Facebook I have been blocked for 3 days and then I get another email saying that I am blocked for 30 days I’ve done no such thing as a illegal content or staying alive Facebook had blocked me because people don’t want to hear the truth about the coronavirus in the state of Arizona in the White Mountains in Show Low Arizona there’s been confirmed cases share in Show Low I am staying home and I don’t want nothing to do with the police or medical if I end up dying do so be it because I don’t want to catch the Coronavirus under negligence and irresponsibility from the hospital or changepoint or any other facility that has to do with medical I think it’s 30 important for the government to look into this matter with outpatient and inpatient cuz I know that there are few depute that are standing up to try and protect the people in the patients on the inside change Point Hospital are very concerned about the situation that they have been put in and also their lives because change Point staff go out to Starbucks to Burger King McDonald’s Taco Bell or wherever they can get food and then come back to work yes it is a very Big Sur concern yes it is people need to be protected from negligent and irresponsible people they don’t follow their own rules

Been living with pain because we’re recalled match that had worked in me for the past 4 years I need to get something done before I die I’m feeling weaker and weaker every day

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Good morning

Out for a night bike Ride

But since I’ve been sitting here all day and almost all week it’s been raining a little bit nippy and cold but in the meantime I’ve been trying to get out to go for my midnight bike ride I haven’t had much success due to the fact that my leg my shin on the left side has swollen up and red and skin flaky I don’t know what it is but I’m hoping it’s going away it seems to be doing the trick sitting down doing nothing but being on the phone and playing games trying to make money and other memes to bring in payroll so I can get my dog spayed I’m hoping when I go out tonight that I do not get ran over by elk cuz where I am at there’s at least three to four hundred head of elk yeah they are huge they will run you over in a heartbeat

I need to get paid so I can be a success in what I’m trying to do I’ve done surveys that played lottery games sweepstakes and other stuff and it’s just not cutting the deal I need to get cash cash fast I have a couple of more bills to pay and I also would love to get a car well a truck cuz I’m tired of walking everywhere in town if anyone can get in and send me some money but it jobs that I’ve done or created or even get them damn survey companies to forgot my money

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